About Us – Millers Organic Planet Friendly Salon

"With Keune Color, you have everything you need to create a magical moment."

Our Story So Far

Miller’s began life as a unisex salon back in 2007, we used Wella for years then switched to Kevin Murphy.  It was around about that time 5 years ago my thoughts of becoming a much greener salon arised.  So the hunt was on for products that were safe, chemical free, not tested on animals, organic and kind to you and the planet.

But back then Organic products were hard to come by especially ones that did not contain harsh chemicals, PPD’S and PTD’S.  After trialing many different products without much success, I stumbled upon one on my Travels in Mexico.  I met this woman from Canada who had the most amazing looking hair, so shinny, healthy and just full of life.  This meeting led me down the path to Organic Colour Systems and low and behold they were only based 70 miles from me back in the UK?

Organic Colour Systems have served me well for the last five years but over recent years more and more Organic and Vegan products have come on the market and believe you me, we have tested them all only to be let down by false claims.

At long last I have found a product that ticks all the boxes

Organic – Vegan – No harsh chemicals –  No ppd’s/ptd’s and ammonia free – Not tested on animals and kind to you and the planet.

Okay I hear you say why change why not stay with Ocs, the simple truth is cost and in this current climate every penny counts.  I am finding it more difficult to stay afloat with rising costs, whilst my prices stay the same but don’t think for one minute I am cutting corners just to save money. The results we get from Kuene are amazing even more so than Ocs but Ocs will still remain in our salon for those who like the results they get using it.

The colour choice is vast and there are two ranges to choose from the SO PURE range is suitable for everyone and the standard range is organic but not  suitable for Vegans. The shampoos and conditioners leave your hair looking and feeling amazing.